Community Kick-off

By HSG Impact Scholar Community in Events

July 6, 2021


Outputs of Wold Café

1. Impact

  • What is impact?
    • Have a postitive contribution to society / nature / the entire ecosystem
    • reach society with academic insights (science communication) – also vice versa (include practical insights into academia); have impact with those insights in the world / in practice
    • real world problem driven research
    • co-create knowledge and impact with practice (see also action research)
    • impact = ideas + execution (or observe > create > execute)
    • Dimension of impact
      • through research
      • through teaching
      • on cause / activism
      • Social media
    • consider all effects and all parties involved (human / non-human)
  • Why is it important to me?
    • use my time / education / privilege wisely
    • enhance well-being
    • give me a purpose and self-efficacy (do something!)
    • initiate others to start re-thinking; start a movement
  • How can I create it?
    • change culture; provide an entertaining platform
    • involvement; non-academic formats to reach public
    • real world problem-driven research
    • work interdisciplinary
    • Changing incentive structures and systems
    • embed human and emotional aspects (speak limbic)

2. Expectations & Contributions

  • What are my needs and desires to be addressed by the Impact Scholars Community?
    • Exchange forum; building bridges across institutions; overview of activities at HSG
    • meet people and exchange
    • support group / writing group / inspiration
    • Systems thinking & system dynamics
    • co-authors; sparring partners
  • Why am I here today?
    • curiosity
    • leveraging positive impact
    • inspiration
    • see different perspectives
    • exchange
    • Kick-start post-doc life
    • Find common interests and potential collaboration partners
  • What can I contribute to the Impact Scholar Community?
    • Links to scholars and ideas
    • ideal that might / will definitely work
    • Practical lens
    • Contacts to corporates
    • (Research) experience (social movements, practice research, environmental data science, sustainability consulting, multi-stakeholder open innovation processes, …)
    • Being a conversation & collaboration partner

3. Organization & Agenda

  • How do we want to organize as a community?
    • Let’s build a community!
    • Get inspired through mutual exchange!
    • Find sparring partners
    • Create positive impact and translate research insights outside of academia (IMPACT)
    • Have a virtual space for exchange (documents + communication)
    • Many different communication channels / services / tools discussed, incl. Teams/Sharepoint, Dropbox, Slack, Miro, Trello, Discourse, Excel, Whatsapp, Threema, Signal
    • Meet in person fixed / regularly once a month
    • bigger and smaller meetings
    • develop a backlog of topics and a voting system to select topics
    • Share participant lists and results of meetings
  • What formats would be cool?
    • Have a good mix of events / formats
    • Guets speakers
    • (Paper) presentations and discussions
    • workshops / exchanges / community meetings
    • bounce research ideas
    • Newsletter
    • Science slams
    • Brownbag lunches
    • “light style” e.g. my topic in 180 sec / 1 page
    • paper collaborations
    • Art / Exhibition projects
    • For research
      • Collaboration and get new insights faster (Find co-authors)
      • Share data sets
      • Get and give feedback from an outside perspective
      • Leverage each others networks (e.g. practice partners or other networks)
  • What topics do we want to discuss?
    • (we did not really talk a lot about topics yet)
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July 6, 2021
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